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In today’s society, language need not be a barrier Language Source Europe’s No.1 Language Software distributor provide prompt and effective help to a vast number of corporate organisations, resellers, academic establishments and end users.

Language Source is a conscientious and ambitious company, keen to succeed by offering our clients the best possible service. You’ll find our staff helpful and keen to offer good advice. Most of them have had over 10 years experience within the multilingual field and they understand the specific needs and requirements of individuals and organisations, that’s why our clients keep coming back to us.

Language Source was founded in 1999, the company’s vision has evolved significantly in line with a drive to increase efficiency and improve the customer’s overall online shopping experience through the exploitation of advancements in digital technology.

We supply all of the Microsoft’s non-English Multilingual MUI products, along with foreign versions of Adobe, Corel, Lotus, IBM, Macromedia and HP language Keyboards in over thirty different languages.

We are located in London and have offices in North America and Asia. Call us today. Let us be your first point of contact to a world of language solutions and services.

  • Microsoft language Software

  • Windows - Microsoft Operating Systems

  • Apple OS Operating system for the MAC

  • Office Professional and Office Standard for MAC

  • MS Educational software

  • Adobe language Software DTP

  • Adobe Acrobat PDF files

  • Macromedia Web language Software

  • Translation Services

  • Language true type Fonts for PC & MAC

  • Desk Top publishing Quark Xpress Software

  • Foreign language Corel Draw Products

  • Machine Computer translation Software

  • HP language Keyboards PS2

  • Transparent Keyboard stickers

  • Wireless Keyboards US

  • Multilingual Word Processing and Inputting software

  • Voice recognition software

  • OCR language software

  • Spell checking software

  • OEM foreign software

  • Learning software

  • Translation software for Pocket PC

  • IBM language Software Foreign Lotus Notes

  • Cell telephone translation software

  • Language Dictionaries

  • Educational software

  • Translation Software for mobile Telephones

  • Handheld Devices/PDA Software - Pocket PC

We have over ten thousand more products in over one hundred of languages which can be purchased all online.

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