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French Adobe Language Software Dreamweaver

Part Code:   FRE-GDW

Platform:   PC/MAC

Price: £330.00 / €481.80
(ex VAT at 20%)



Overview: French Adobe French Dreamweaver 8 Software MAC/PC
French Dreamweaver 8 is the industry-leading web development tool, enabling users to efficiently design, develop and maintain standards-based websites and applications. French Adobe Dreamweaver 8, web developers go from start to finish, creating and maintaining basic websites to advanced applications that support best practices and the latest technologies.

French Dreamweaver 8 - Key Features

  • Work with the industry's leading web development tool.
  • Use a world-class design and code editor in one tool.
  • Learn one tool, then learn from the tool.
    Adobe Dreamweaver 8 supports and guides users as their skills grow and web technologies evolve, facilitating easy and quick adoption of new technologies and methodologies.
  • Add video easily.
    With Adobe Dreamweaver 8 and Flash Video, it's a snap to place video content on the web. Drag and drop Flash Video into Adobe Dreamweaver 8 to quickly incorporate video to websites and applications.
  • Simplify CSS.
    The unified CSS panel provides a powerful and easy way to understand the cascade of styles applied to content as well as quick access to making changes without having to navigate a lot of code through trial and error.
  • Get started with XML.
    Simply point a web page to an XML file or a URL of an XML feed and Adobe Dreamweaver 8 will introspect it to enable dragging and dropping the appropriate fields onto the page.
  • Tap into the vast Adobe Dreamweaver 8 community.
    Over three million strong, the Adobe Dreamweaver 8 community offers many benefits, including the Macromedia Developer Center, developer certification programs, training and seminars, user forums, and independent community support sites. More than 800 free downloadable extensions are available through the Adobe Dreamweaver 8 Exchange.
  • Visual authoring with XML data
    Adobe Dreamweaver 8 integrates XML-based data, such as RSS feeds into web pages using a simple drag and drop workflow. Jump to code view to customize the transformation, using improved code hinting for XML and XSLT.
  • New, unified CSS panel
    All the CSS functionality is consolidated into one panel set and enhanced by Adobe Dreamweaver 8 to make working with CSS easier and more productive. The new interface makes it easier to see the cascade of styles applied to a specific element and easily identify where attributes are defined. A property grid allows for quick edits.
  • CSS layout visualization
    Apply visual aides at design time to outline CSS layout borders or color CSS layouts to reveal complex nesting schemes and improve selection. Adobe Dreamweaver 8 allows you to click on the CSS layout for valuable Tooltips, such as ID and padding and margin and border settings.
  • Style rendering toolbar
    View content the same way end-users will see it, no matter what the delivery mechanism, with new support for CSS media types in Adobe Dreamweaver 8. Use the style rendering toolbar to toggle to design view and see how it will look in print, on a handheld, or on a screen.
  • Adobe Dreamweaver 8 CSS rendering improvements
    Match how complex CSS layouts will render in most browsers, with substantial improvements in design view accuracy. Adobe Dreamweaver 8 now fully supports advanced CSS techniques, such as overflow, pseudo-elements, and form elements.
  • Adobe Dreamweaver 8 Accessibility: Support for WCAG/W3C priority 2 checkpoints
    In addition to the integrated accessibility evaluation tool for Section 508 and WCAG Priority 1 checkpoints, Adobe Dreamweaver 8 now supports both CSS and accessibility with an updated evaluation tool that includes WCAG Priority 2 checkpoints.
  • Improved WebDAV
    WebDAV in Adobe Dreamweaver 8 now supports digest authentication and SSL for secure file transfer and offers improved connectivity with a wider array of servers. Get more done.
  • Background file transfer
    Stop waiting and keep working while Adobe Dreamweaver 8 uploads files to the server. New functionality enables users to work with files in their local machine while Adobe Dreamweaver 8 communicates with the server.
  • Zoom
    Get great control over design with zoom. Pan in and inspect an image or work with a complex nested table layout. Zoom out to review how a page will look overall.
  • Adobe Dreamweaver 8 Guides
    Compare the page layout to comps with pixel perfect accuracy using guides to measure page layouts. The great visual feedback function of Adobe Dreamweaver 8 helps measure distances accurately and supports intelligent snapping.
  • Coding toolbar
    The Adobe Dreamweaver 8 new code toolbar surfaces common coding operations in a gutter bar along the side of the coding surface. No more hunting through menus and panels to find code snippets. New coding features include comment/uncomment.
  • Code collapse
    Focus only on the code in use. Adobe Dreamweaver 8 allows you to hide and expand blocks of code by selection or by tag to stay organized.
  • Workspace layouts
    Customize and save workspace configurations. Adobe Dreamweaver 8 ships with four different configurations that are tailored to the needs of designers and coders. Pick and choose, or easily build a custom workspace.
  • Tabbed documents for the Mac
    Adobe Dreamweaver 8 features new document tabs on Mac to help simplify the user interface and make it easier to select documents.
  • Adobe Dreamweaver 8 New starter pages
    Get started with web design in a snap. The beautiful new layouts and designs of Adobe Dreamweaver 8 allows users to go from installation to full site in no time flat.
  • Improved site synchronize and check in/check out
    Adobe Dreamweaver 8 manages sites with increased reliability and confidence. Improved site synchronization features help ensure that the file in use is the latest version. Prevent accidental overwriting of others' work with improved check-in/check-out functionality to track who is working on which files.
  • Compare files
    Adobe Dreamweaver 8 allows you to quickly compare files to identify what has changed, whether it is two local files, a file on the local and remote, or two files on the remote server.

    Adobe French Dreamweaver 8 PC Windows System Requirements
    800 MHz Intel Pentium III processor (or equivalent) and later
    Windows 2000, Windows XP
    256 MB RAM (1 GB recommended to run more than one Studio 8 product simultaneously)
    1024 x 768, 16-bit display (32-bit recommended)
    710 MB available disk space

    Adobe French Dreamweaver 8 MAC Macintosh System Requirements
    600 MHz PowerPC G3 and later
    Mac OS X 10.3, 10.4
    1 GB recommended to run more than one Studio 8 product simultaneously
    1024 x 768, thousands of colors display (millions of colors recommended)
    360 MB available disk space

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