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Welcome to a world of language solutions from We supply a wide range of Multi lingual word processing software packages in multiple languages. Word processing software that supports right to left languages Arabic, Farsi, Hebrew and Urdu also languages that have double byte character support for Chinese, Japanese and Korean. We have over a hundred languages to choose from which support PC or MAC platforms and over hundred different manufactures to choose from. Your one stop source for Multilingual Word processing software, inputting software with in MS applications and language fonts.

NJ Star Chinese Word Processing Software

NJ Star Chinese word processing software supports Chinese Simplified and Chinese Traditional
Ultimate. Supports English and Chinese operating systems.

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249 299 374 TAX

Urdu Word Processing Software - Inpage Professional

Urdu InPage Professional is a software package which allows you to communicate in Urdu using the Nastaliq script. Network & educational suites are also available

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299 359 449 TAX

Chinese Twinbridge Partner Software

Write Chinese in any windows operating system, with Chinese inputting methods and fonts windows becomes a multilingual environment for Chinese and English. Network editions also available

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99 119 149 TAX

Japanese EG Word for the MAC

Japanese word processing software optimized to MAC OS active by all scenes of the document making.

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255 306 383 TAX

Hebrew English Word Processing software Dagesh Pro

The best Hebrew English Word processor just got better! Just some of the new features: Wrap around graphics, background graphics, split and merge cells in tables Interactive real-time spell-checking and more!

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99 119 149 TAX

Global Writer Multilingual word processing software Arabic

A stand alone multilingual word processor that allows you to type over 100 different languages. Supports mixing right-to-left languages like Arabic and Hebrew with left-to-right languages. Network & educational suites are also available

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99 119 149 TAX

CJK Word Processing Software Twinbridge Partner

The CJK Partner for Windows is the ultimate global multilingual system for Chinese, Japanese and Korean Languages. Designed with powerful features and intuitive interface, it enables complex Asian language processing.

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180 216 270 TAX

Global Office Multilingual word processing software Russian

A multilingual word processor that integrates with Microsoft Office enabling you to create multilingual documents using Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook in over 100 languages. Network & educational suites are also available.

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149 179 224 TAX

Global Suite Multilingual word processing software French

A multilingual word processor that has the best of both world includes Global Office and Global Writer both combined together creating the ultimate Multi lingual word processing software which supports over 100 languages.

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199 239 299 TAX

Nisus Writer Multi lingual word processor MAC Asian

Nisus Writer flexible & simple writing tool has always been packed with useful features. Among new features are the integrated outliner and an innovative Document Manager.

£ € $  
99 119 149 TAX

Universal Word 2000 Arabic ML8

The Universal Word is the Multi lingual solution for word processing. It supports over 165 languages and has spell checkers available for most of European languages and Arabic. Unicode support is also included

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275 330 413 TAX

Korean Word Processing Software

Hangul 2014 is the latest version of the most successful and widely used Korean word processor in Korea.

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345 414 518 TAX

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